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Without patents, technological innovation, or barriers to entry, a company’s brand — the relationship it has with its customers — is one of the few things a company can own forever. The strongest, most enduring brands result from disciplined alignment of brand strategies and plans with customer requirements. Kudu Consulting, a leading brand consulting firm, helps companies achieve this alignment.

As a top brand strategy firm, our consultants have deep expertise across the full range of branding services, from strategic positioning, brand architecture, and equity extension, to brand naming, identity development, brand management, and execution.

We combine proven techniques with deep expertise and proprietary tools & frameworks to help clients create distinctive brands and brand architectures.

Why invest in Branding?

A strong brand generates superior profits by maximizing volume and price potential in a product or category.

For customers, brands provide choice, simplify decisions, provide quality assurance, and facilitate risk avoidance. There are numerous benefits to brands, as they allow an organization to:

    • Differentiate from the competition to provide for premium pricing, beyond commoditization
    • Enhance credibility for new product introductions and keep customers in the brand family
    • Increase return on marketing dollars by creating an umbrella brand over other offerings
    • Send positive messages to shareholders and stakeholders, and attract and retain outstanding employees

Internally, brands serve as a guiding light to make strategic recommendations for where to allocate resources.

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Kudu Focuses on:

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning defines the conceptual space the brand should play relative to competitors, and is fundamental to marketing, communication and messaging development. 

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Kudu has positioned dozens of brands using a proven approach to maximize customer relevancy and uniqueness. We research, define and deliver positioning strategies that win in the marketplace.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the logical, strategic and relational structure of all brands in the portfolio and is one of the best ways to obtain brand clarity and maximize ROI.

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As a leading brand strategy firm, we use proven brand architecture models, templates and processes to reduce complexity, brand overlap and costs.

Brand Extension

Brand extension involves stretching the brand to new categories. When successful, extending the brand improves its equity while lowering development costs.

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Brands can be highly elastic and can and should be selectively extended. The key is to protect the benefit essence of the brand using extension principles and frameworks.

Brand Research

Brand research provides the foundation for improving brand image. We employ brand equity, brand loyalty and brand tracking tools in building strong brands. 

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Kudu employs a variety of brand research tools, including both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. We assess brand image and then identify specific ways to strengthen brand equity.

Brand Naming

A strong brand name helps your company or product stand out in today’s cluttered media environment. The strongest brand names will result from a blend of strategy and creativity.

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Powerful brand and product names are based on powerful positioning strategies. Kudu has a proven track record of creating strong, memorable and legally available brand names.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy and activation involves bringing the brand to life and then delivering the brand experience at all touchpoints.

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Kudu helps strategize, plan and create winning brand identities. We use journey maps, creative concepts and materials development to deliver a consistent brand experience.

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