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Who we are

Kudu Consulting Group is a Business and Marketing Consulting firm that specializes in developing and implementing results-oriented business and marketing strategies. We are helping SMEs and Startups build their powerful brands and drive business growth.

We are the problem solver for any strategic marketing issues, may it be related to the company’s growth, marketing & sales strategies, branding or need of market and consumer insights. We cater our clients under one roof for their variety of strategic marketing needs.

What we do?

We help clients solve their marketing issues and drive business growth through actionable insights, innovative marketing strategies and hands-on implementation support.

We advise key decision makers of the companies on all the issues relating to marketing. From identifying market opportunities, developing new products, building Market strategy, brand strategy, digital marketing and marketing & sales organization, we cater our clients under one roof for their variety of strategic marketing needs. We not only give advice, but also mentor and support clients in implementing recommended strategies to get the desired results.

We serve clients from corporate to startups, across all the industries and geographies we work in, provide cost effective and practical marketing solutions those are feasible, adaptable and implementable by the client. We work on a collaborative approach with clients that build confidence in them for the developed strategies and build their capabilities to implement it.

Our clients approach us when they want to:

  1. Accelerate business growth
  2. Gain market insight before entering into the market
  3. Develop innovative offerings and a robust product portfolio
  4. Launch product successfully in the market
  5. Build brand and create awareness
  6. Increase the market share
  7. Enter successfully into International markets
  8. Improve marketing capabilities and performance
  9. Attract and win customers through digital marketing
  10. Solve critical marketing issues

We continuously track industry and market trends to gain insights into the customer’s current and emerging needs and how they can be satisfied by our clients better than competitors by creating, communicating, and delivering value.

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